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Landing pages can even be designed for the specific device that someone is viewing them on. A mobile landing page could take advantage of the click-to-call feature that allows people to make calls directly from a web site. This can significantly increase the number of visitors to your site that make appointments right after clicking on an ad.

There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful landing page. The page needs to align properly with the ad, and it’s usually best for each ad or type of ad to have its own landing page. Successful landing pages generally require:

A clear call to action
Concise information that the visitor is expecting
Clearly outlined benefits for taking an action
A design based on the device that a person is viewing the page on
Landing page designers also need to be aware of what makes people likely to perform an action. Everything from the layout of the page to the colors used on the page can affect whether or not you obtain a patient lead or someone clicks off of your site.

We are experts at creating landing pages that ensure that your marketing efforts provide a solid return on investment.

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