Relax, we got this

Two weeks after starting we had the record week for the clinic. Two weeks after that we beat that record and had another record week. I am an absolute believer in being introduced to people who want and need your service over Facebook and Chiropractic Advertising has the setup you need that makes it the easiest
- - Dr Kenneth Wingrove | New Mexico

In my first month working with Chiropractic Advertising, 112 [new patients] scheduled online before my staff could call them... Of those 112 who did schedule online 50% did show and many of those patients are returning as a Chiropractic patient who may be paying cash or may be using their health insurance and some of them are looking for someone to take care of them because they were in a car accident

- - Dr Rudy Herrera | California

This has been the best practice growth experience I have ever had and highly recommend Chiropractic Advertsing
- Dr Brandon Maxwell | Missouri


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