You use google to find other businesses
Make sure people can find yours.

High quality scores are essential since your quality score determines how much your ads cost as well as where they show up in search results. If your competitors have higher quality scores than yours, they will pay less money for better ad placement. Understanding, improving and maintaining your quality scores is a time-consuming task, and failing to do so can make your ad costs get very expensive very quickly.

We can create an AdWords campaign for your Chiropractic practice that includes:

Establishing and maintaining a high quality score to keep ad costs down and allow you to take advantage of features like click-to-call
Targeting prospective patients in your area
Specifically targeting a particular type of patient, such as those who play sports or older individuals with arthritis
Tracking results and improving campaigns based on this data
Creating landing pages that result in high conversion rates and new patients
Don’t miss out on the benefit of a PPC ad campaign through AdWords. We can manage your campaign for a reasonable cost while you reap the immediate benefits.

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